Art: Drawings and Beyond

The Inktober Challenge!

Back in 2009 Jake Parker created what is now known as InkTober, an art challenge to help improve his inking skills and create a positive drawing habit. Now it's turned into a worldwide art challenge many artist accept. The rules are outlined on his official site, but I'll try to explain it will quick below if… Continue reading The Inktober Challenge!

Blog Update

Site Update!

Hi guys! I have bad-ish news, good news, and "nice to know" news. The bad news is that I started to get tired of how ArtsyRobot was looking. It was overcrowded and bulky, and it was starting to affect how I looked at the blog. So I ended up changing themes. How do you guys… Continue reading Site Update!


Art of the Day: Grace

Drawing people is not my thing. It never was, and I don't think it ever will be. With that being said, I don't plan on giving up. I just have to keep on pushing through and draw person after person until I advanced my drawing skills. I mean, that's the whole reason I started this… Continue reading Art of the Day: Grace

Blog Update

Monthly Round-Up: July 2015

    Gosh! I swear each month of this summer is flying by faster than the last one! It's already that time again to look back at what I have been up to this past month. How crazy is that? At the beginning of this month I was still working on my Pinion cosplay. (Notice the… Continue reading Monthly Round-Up: July 2015


Cosplay Update: Pinion’s Boots

I finally feel like I am getting some progress now. I completed another piece of my cosplay of Pinion from Sentinels of the Multiverse! A couple of weeks ago I finished her dress, and this past week I completed her boots. Well, kinda. I already had a pair of black boots, but I did not want to sew some… Continue reading Cosplay Update: Pinion’s Boots

About Me

New Posting Day: Short Story Session and Other Writings

I've been working on this blog for almost a year now. It doesn't feel like it has been that long. I still remember like it was yesterday when I finally got the courage to post my first craft. Man how times flies. A few months ago I tried creating a third posting day called What… Continue reading New Posting Day: Short Story Session and Other Writings

Blog Update

Monthly Round-Up: June 2015

   It is time again to look back at this past month to see what I have been up to on this blog! At the beginning of the month I started working on plans for a webcomic. It looks like it will be a while before I get this project gets completed. Honestly, the problem… Continue reading Monthly Round-Up: June 2015

Blog Update

Monthly Round-up: May 2015

Hello everybody! Another month has passed, which means it's time for another monthly round-up! As much I as I do not want to admit this...I've been distracted the past few days by web comics. One of my friends suggested around five for me to read, then my brother suggested four I felt like seeing… Continue reading Monthly Round-up: May 2015

Food For Thought

Childhood Essense

What is the difference between children and adults? Children live. They play and laugh whenever they can. They explore and try to learn about everything. Children are happy to be living. Childhood essence, to me, is the ability to have happiness fill your heart over the simple pleasures of life. Many adults love the idea… Continue reading Childhood Essense